Independent Sobriety Association International (ISAI)

In July 1991, abstainers of Russia, Ukraine, Latvia and Belarus established Independent Sobriety Association.

Now it is known as Independent Sobriety Association International (ISAI) with branches in Russia and Ukraine.

The main aims of ISAI are:
— decreasing total consumption of alcohol and other drugs,
— advocacy for choosing alcohol- and drug-free lifestyles.

ISAI is a voluntary, non-governmental, non-commercial organization. It is not controlled by any political party or movement.
It has about 200 members involved in treatment, rehabilitation, education and alcohol policy, and plays an important role in the development of local and national policies.

The official publication of ISAI is called Phoenix (Kazan, Russia).

Besides ISAI publishes numerous local information newsletters:
— «Antabus» (Petrosawodsk, Russia),
— “The grain of sobriety” (Nishnekamsk, Russia),
— «SOBER-COOL» magazine (Kazan, Russia — Kiev, Ukraine),
— «Sober Idea» (Kiev, Ukraine),
— «The flag of G.Shitshko»(Zaporosje, Ukraine),
— «Without Illusions» (Tomsk, Russia).

ISAI supports drug-free counter-culture.

ISAI actively co-operates with different national and international non-governmental organizations.

Since 1993 ISAI is an affiliated member of IOGT-international ( )
Contact addresses:

President of ISAI: Vladimir Lovtchev
Mailing address: P.O. Box 9, Kazan, 420029, Russia

Vise-president of ISAI: Mr. Nikolai Paranitch
Mailing address: Partisanskai Str., 13, apt. 7, Irshava, 90100, Zakarpatsky region, Ukraine

General secretary of ISAI: Konstantin Krasovsky
Mailing address: P.O. Box 46, Kiev-150, 03150, Ukraine